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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My weekend in review ...

First of all sorry for being M.I.A. for so long!!! I wanted to share with you guys a few exciting things going on this weekend:

I went to FIDM (FAshion Institute of Design and Merchandising) at the San Diego campus with my sister and my mom because baby sis wants to go there for interior design and they had an open house. It's right downtown and has the greatest vibe to it. You would feel like you were going to work rather than school because it's in an office building with tons of windows right outside Petco park! You could watch the baseball game or a concert right from the study area. How cool is that?!

The exciting part is that they had a great guest speaker: Nick Verreos! If you don't know him by name you would know his face. He was on Project Runway season 2. He told us his fashion industry story and took pics with us afterwards. He was hilarious and full of soooooo much energy!!! Plus he showed us his spring collection of absolutely stunning and gorgeous dresses. He is fabulous dahling Cool
(I took a picture with him so I'll add that later!)

The second very exciting news is that I'm going to see The Color Purple tonight!!!!!! dance

The Broadway cast is here in San Diego for the weekend and I got half off tickets that were $43!! Hooray! I'm wearing a twistout for it and I am super juiced about seeing it!

Hope your weekends are fabulous!

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