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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's natural, it's straight, your hair. OH MY!!

On Sunday night I got an urge to flat iron my hair. Of course, it started raining that night after I finished half of it : /  So I finished the next day and I wanted to show you guys what it looks like. It's not very flat, it's not that straight, it took way too long. If anything, that just re-re-re confirmed how much I love my hair kinky, curly, nappy!!!!

I didn't blow dry my hair. I had just co-washed some twists the day before so they were pretty clean. I untwisted a twist, applied heat protectant, and flat ironed that piece. It felt like it took all day long. Here are some pics

The interesting thing is how people responded to it. I thought everyone would just be fawning over my hair because I haven't had anything but twists and fros for about 2 years. What I found out was that people responded in one of these ways:

1.  They barely noticed anything! My hair is different every 3 days a lot of the time. I have the time and the desire to style my hair a lot so I definitely manipulate, probably too much. So when they saw my hair pinned back and flat ironed, they didn't say anything because it was just another style lol

2.   They missed my curls/kinks! Some people were like "What happened? I like the curls better." *smiles* I love my kinky hair too so I loved when people responded like that because I agree.

3.   The people that want long hair themselves were just obsessed with how long it was. "I want to see your hair?" "How long is it?" "Can you take it down?" "I wish my hair was that long!"  This was people that are transitioning or just want long hair in general. They were the only ones that were really impressed I guess (because I, for one, WAS NOT! It's just hair people)

So all in all, I am sooooo ready to wash my hair! Straight-ish hair is not really for me. I never knew how to style it and it just doesn't excite me so I'm contemplating going swimming so that I have an excuse to go back kinky : D  (it's about 80 degrees here so it's more tempting, the more I think about it)

Thanks for reading! Leave comments, questions, concerns, things that make you go hmmmm : )

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