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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair Update - part 1

My goal last month was to begin doing at least 3 blog posts every week. Well, I failed but it's okay because I'm going to keep striving for that goal! I miss writing and here I have my own website that I'm not even taking advantage of. So just to warn you in advance, some things may not make sense and they might not be the most extravagent stories but they'll come from my heart and I hope you'll enjoy this new level that I want my blog to go to : )

To being my regular postings, I will do a hair update. I have missed quite a few months of updates so what I'll do is share pictures and styles from March 2011 and continue from there. Alrighty, here we go!

So I started off the month with a twistout that needed to be washed, so I washed and put in twists like so

Then I decided I would try to flat iron my hair again. I didn't blow dry it first, just flat ironed straight from the twisted state which worked pretty well

And the fully flat ironed results (which were pretty poofy)

Then I tried a style by ForeverCurlyCatrina on youtube and I loved it!!

After the short lived flat iron, I twisted my hair back up

When they started looking fuzzy and a twistout was inevitable, I flat twisted the twists up and away

I loved the resulting twistout!!!!

I bought some Rhassoul Clay from AnitaGrant.com and I received it while I had the twistout. At the end of the twistout's life, I decided to try the treatment. Here's how it looked in my hair:

And when it was rinsed out

Now normally I ALWAYS have either twists or twistouts because they are easy and reliable. But afterwards I decided to try a braidout. I used a lot of product: kimmaytube leave in, coconut oil, shea butter, and foam wrap lotion. It came out awesome!!

After 3 days I ended up re-braiding it (I don't remember what I used but I used a lot of product the second time as well!)


When the braidout was not so hot anymore, I co-washed my hair and then shingled with eco styler gel

And right now I have in small/mini twists that were done on blow dried hair (I will do a more involved post about mini twists soon)

Phew!!!! That was really long but hopefully you enjoyed the pictures! If you have any questions, please ask and I will be happy to answer them : ) 

I love you for reading! Be blessed

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