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Friday, April 15, 2011

Some memorable hair compliments

I say good things about my hair every day so I don't need affirmation from other people to tell me that it's ok to wear my hair in natural styles instead of straight styles. However, I will not deny that it feels good to be complimented! So I'm gonna share some of the ones I've received with you:

    • “This hair, man, this hair!” (from a friend that is also going natural and sometimes gets frustrated with her own hair growth, constantly comparing it to others)
    • “I think the way you wear your hair is flyy for real. It makes me think of the retro look and that’s pretty dope.” (from a cutie with a bootie lol)
    • “You looked really nice today. Granted you look nice every day but I think today the hair was just on point.” (from a crush)
    • One of the ushers at church: Every Sunday when she walks me to my seat she hugs me and says I’m a natural beauty
    • Mom: “You take much better care of your hair now that it’s not permed anymore.” (well duh! from Mom)
    • “I really like the shape of your afro! I looks really good” (Mom again)
    • In general: people at church always touch my hair. The guys have told me that they think everyone should go natural, especially my friend that is on a loc journey and is still working on the hair actually locing together.
    • My sister's (ex)boyfriend would always touch my hair everytime he sees me and just scream, which was hilarious

Share your natural hair compliments that really stuck with you!!!

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