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Friday, September 17, 2010

Braidout Gone Wrong!

Ok not necessarily wrong but I definitely didn't let them dry completely before taking them out which resulted in fluffy, undefined hair. And of course that's pefect conditions for experimenting! So here goes

I did a frohawk with the braidout and felt really funky and cool

Then right after I did a puff! Lol that's how I ended up wearing my hair for the rest of the day

I think I really need to try harder to work with the unpredictable results that my hair can give me. Instead of relying on a puff when something doesn't turn out how I want it to, I could just rock the frohawk for a few days. Especially since looking back at the pictures I really like it ... smh but it's always a learning game so I will continue to learn on! (P.S. I washed my hair the next day so that will be my next post lol)

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