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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Hair Adventures!

My hair has been very busy this weekend! Lol me and Chlo "The Fro" Bella had lots of fun styling so check out what we did :)

So on Friday before the concert, I went golfing for the first time! Let me tell you that is a workout!! My stomach was all tight and toned afterwards. That may have to become a weekly occurence (plus it wouldn't hurt to meet a chocolate brother at the 9th hole LOL) so I had my hair in twists while I was golfing.

Then for the concert I did a twistout and it looked like so

The next day there was a wedding! Yay for marriage!! I didn't sleep with anything on my head, just plopped on my pillow and knocked out. So here's what my hair looked like on Saturday for the wedding and reception (I'll try to find pictures of the dress and show you all later)

That Saturday night I picked the twistout apart and made it bigger. I don't have too many pics of it but here's one:

That night I had the urge to straighten my hair, but as you'll see I didn't get too far ... I did one section in the back and some bangs to see how it looked. I combed my twistout, added some heat protectant and used a flat iron. Here's what it looked like
THEN right after using the flatiron I co-washed my hair using Yes to Cucumbers and proceded to try a braid n'curl using only my kimmaytube modified leave in. So here's my hair after using a spray bottle with conditioner, aloe vera juice, water and oil in it to saturate my hair:
Looking back on this, it seems like a lot! But I enjoy playing in my hair so who gives a hoot!! Thanks for reading and share what you did with your hair this weekend too : )


  1. giiirl u got lazy on the flat iron n i aint mad at cha! i feel like i might end up doin the same thing n quittin before im done :(

  2. Haha I really did get lazy cuz I planned on finishing and decided against it. Way too much work that day ... lol

  3. Haha! Lol at the chocolate brother at the 9th hole. That was funny.