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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Call me Cheap

I feel like such a Thrifty McNifty right now!! My friend wanted to go salsa dancing for her birthday tonight so of course I'm down like Charlie Brown! I go get my cash back from Wal-Mart so I can get in but then *screech* my friend calls me and pumps my breaks. He says it's $20 to get inside. Now honestly this isn't bad at all but I was expecting it to be like free before 10:30 or something (I mean help a sister out!)

Suffice it to say, I am now at home typing this rather than getting my salsa on, all because I am CHEAP 

The only reason this irks me is because I always wanted to be the person that would just pay for everyone to get in because I just got it like that. And one day that will be me because I'm all for having a good time. Unfortunately, right now good times cost money that I don't have which is sad business : (

I'm just really disappointed that I couldn't get over the price and just dance the night away with my girl for her birthday. I know she's cool cuz she's having a blast but maybe I'm just getting old or something because I am quite content being at the crib on a Saturday night. That doesn't bother me one bit

What does bother me is that I would pass up fun SOLEY because of how much it costs. I don't want that to be the story of my life so I am going to turn it around and start being prosperous!! It starts with my words and I'm saying that I am abundantly blessed, highly favored, rich, full of joy and ready to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world!

Any other frugal folks out there? (and not in a good, thrift store shopping kind of way lol)


  1. I am the same way. Most of the time, turns out I'll need to money for something else haha. I like being home on a Saturday night and reading a book. Guess I'm "old" (as told by peers haha)

  2. lol, thats funny u mentioned that becuz i made a commitment a few wks ago to go to dinner for my gf bday this wknd, well umm, now im thinkin...do i REALLY wanna take $50 for dinner out? i honestly dont want to but on the other hand i know i reeeeeally need to go out cuz i rarely do bein a mom n workin so much! i think im just gonna have to sacrifice for a good time with friends :) trust me i know what u mean but u shouldve took that 20 n went out girl. i mean how often do u go out anywayz? good times with friends are priceless and u just have that everlasting memory. plus ur young! that 20 im sure you'll spend on junk food within the next week or so. but no ur not cheap...ur frugal and SMART ;) aint nothin wrong wit that.