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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello, dreams. It's me, Brittany ...

I have to re-introduce myself to my dreams and my ambitious aspirations. I am way too young to be wishing that I was doing bigger and better things. I should be doing those very things right now! No time like the present. I don’t think I ever had a dream to take over the world or be someone important. So many people my age want to be CEOs or fashion designers or billionaires or international speakers.

But what does Brittany want?

I don’t think I ever took the time to hope for something huge and exciting for my life. I was always happy just having fun and kicking it with friends and family. But now I feel like it’s time for a kick in the butt to get my goals jump started. I should want to change the world; I should desire to be a role model; I should yearn to become a world-wide presence that will stop at nothing to inspire others. I just really need to figure out what I want to do in life and GO AFTER IT!!

For instance, I feel like if I was telling myself that I wanted to own my own company by age 27, I would be working towards that goal and even if I didn’t achieve it in the time frame I set, at least I would be taking steps to get there! So I want to rediscover the things in my heart that I hope for. I want to re-find that inner fire that wants to go places. I will not look back on my youth with regret. I will take advantage of being young and use that to get where I want to go. Now all I have to do is open my eyes to reveal what I want out of life, to know where I want to be elevated to, how much higher I want to be than I am right now.

I can see the road, but I want a clear view of my destination. I might not know exactly which twists and turns will come my way, but at least I will have a greater goal to strive for. I just want something to reach for so that I don’t constantly look around wondering why I seem to be the only one living on a small scale. I vow to live large and take action and stop being afraid to be successful!!!! Who’s with me??

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