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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So who is B??

Since this is my first post I figured I would tell you a little bit about who I am. I think you deserve to know about the person whose blog you are reading so here goes! (I need the list to help keep me organized so don't judge me! lol)

  • I am a Christian, which means that I follow the teachings of Christ.  I am a witness for the Lord and I believe that I serve the only true living God who is the way, the truth and the light!!  If you don't like it, I will not apologize.  I am in awe of the daily miracles I see and the power of prayer!  I am so satisfied with my Savior so as I continue to grow in my walk with Christ, I hope to encourage you all and share what I learn because this is a lifestyle, not a hobby or a trend.
  • I am a self-proclaimed nerd and I absolutely love to read! So feel free to suggest books to me.
  • I love to have fun!!  It can be just walking around downtown, going to a poetry reading, listening to jazz music, having a picnic, swinging on the swings, looking up at the stars, boogie boarding at the beach, playing with my dog, chillin with the homies, eating ice cream and watching a movie, playing the piano, singing at the top of my lungs in the shower, dancing around in the middle of the street, making other people laugh, arguing just for the heck of it, I love it all!!
  • I think I am funny (if you don't, please don't say anything, k thanks)
  • I love to learn and gain knowledge. Hip Hop Harry anyone? *singing* I had a question it needed an answer! I asked my friends, they're hip hop dancers! (no takers? well that show is the bees-knees!!)
  • I am young and growing. I am not perfect, I do not know it all. I am willing to learn and be criticized but I do have a hard time opening myself up to people.
  • I am a college graduate. Highlanders represent! I ♥ UCR
  • I am a lover of animals. I hate watching those commercials about animal abuse! I cannot take it. Even in cartoons or animate films I don't like seeing animals in pain. (i.e. Kevin, the huge bird from UP that was limping because that dog bit his leg! *tear*)
  • I am addicted to learning about natural hair!!!  This blog was originally going to be about hair and hair only. But since I am more than just hair, I changed my mind.  But I will have lots of pictures of hairstyles that I try and the products that I use and the information I learn and the hundreds of videos that I watch regarding natural, afro-textured, kinky, curly, gorgeous, healthy hair!
  • I am a stalker (on youtube, that is. I am NOT a creeper!!)
  • I am an observer of other people and I learn from other people's mistakes. The problem is, I could learn a lot more if I made those mistakes myself. So I'm learning to cannonball into life and take more chances with my heart and with my emotions.
  • I admire people who have gained strength from their struggle and have gone through pain that I could never imagine. People like my little sister, my Mommy, those that have gone through cancer, people who have experienced harships and poverty. But then they became the rose that grew from concrete.  It  is a beautiful thing to see inner strength exuding on the outside.
That is not everything but I think it's a good start! So thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope to hear from you : )


  1. Hey Just B!

    TheRYL1 here! I so look forward to reading your thoughts...lol...and, of course, the hairstyles! ;-)

    Note: Check out the Meet-up thread at CN.

  2. Thanks RYL! I just peeped it today and I'm definitely down for a meet up : )

  3. Congratulations on the blog missy! You know I had to come check you out!